ACON is a Polish trading and production company in the field of systems
of Autogas installation. Innovation and quality of our products as well
as its functionality and durability guarantee the systematic growth of
our company in the European market. Our headquarters in Piaseczno Poland offers
an optimal platform for easy expansion of trade and production, as well as technical training and support. Full technical competence, reliable performance, accurate order processing and fast delivery are the priorities that
we fulfill to reach our final objective: the satisfaction of
our clients. ACON's success provides customers and our employees with the necessary security in a solid and lasting cooperation.

What distinguishes us:

We use the latest generation microprocessors produced by companies
leaders: RENESAS (Hitachi / Mitsubishi), ST (ARM), Microchip, ATMEL, in addition all the electronic components that we use are destined for automotive use. We have modern engineering facilities and highly qualified and experienced staff, allowing us to tackle even the most complex and unconventional challenges. Another area of operation of our company is CNC machining
Widely defined (turning and milling) as well as injection molding of
plastic and elastomer vulcanization. Our highly qualified designers
are able to create new parts and assemblies, but also to perform
"reverse engineering". The design department uses Solid Edge and Edge Cam software, making it easier and faster to develop new components.

We are the only manufacturer in the market that offers solutions for the use of alternative combustion systems for all types of diesel, gasoline engines and possible ways of supplying engines with gases in liquid phase and steam.


We are open to collaboration proposals in development of new conversion projects from the smallest to the largest. We can prepare-train your technical personnel, carry out conversions for pilot units or conversion of mining trucks or transport fleets and other types of projects to be covered under previous agreements in any part of the world.