Warranty conditions





1. The warranty will be respected by the seller after the purchaser has provided:

– a legible and correctly completed warranty card
– valid proof of purchase of the equipment with the date of sale
– the advertised product.
The Seller may refuse to perform the repair in the event of finding non-compliance of data in the document and on the equipment, making corrections by unauthorized persons.

2. The warranty provides free repair within 12 months from the date of purchase. Defects revealed in this period will be removed by the seller as soon as possible, while this time should not be longer than 14 business days from the date of taking the equipment for repair. The warranty period is extended by the time the equipment is in the repair.

3. Equipment for repair should be delivered in the original factory packaging, after prior agreement with the seller. If the factory packaging is missing, the buyer bears the risk of damage during transport.

4. The warranty covers defects resulting from normal operation of the device, as well as defects resulting from hidden material errors.

5. The warranty does not cover parts that are worn during normal operation of the device. The warranty does not cover damage to the device caused by external causes, such as: mechanical injuries, pollution, flooding, atmospheric phenomena, improper connection to the electrical system, improper operation, use of improper consumables, operation not in accordance with the intended use.

6. The buyer loses the warranty in the event of repairs or structural changes to the equipment by unauthorized persons.

7. The buyer has the right to replace the equipment with a new one, when the device is repaired four times during the warranty period and continues to exhibit defects preventing its use as intended.

8. The Seller is exempt from meeting the repair deadline specified in § 2 in the event of disturbances caused by force majeure, for which the disturbances shall not be liable.

9. The parties submit all disputes that may arise out of this Guarantee to the competent Commercial Court in Białystok.