AGIS_D12 is a new family of controllers dedicated to compression-ignition engines both for modern COMMON RAIL type diesel engines as well as for the previous generation with an electrically controlled injection pump. The system adds gaseous fuel in addition to the already supplied diesel fuel, while the proportions of fuels can be set in the controller by means of emulation of onboard sensors controlling the doses of diesel fuel. The controller has the option of emulation:

* gas / TPS / analog and digital pedal, single, double, double inverted

* analog flow meter

* turbine boost sensor

* the fuel pressure sensor

RPM signal can be taken from RPM sensor, camshaft, camshaft and unit injector

* Cutt of can be implemented from the frequency of operation of the unit injector as well as from TPS and turbine

Dedicated digital TPS modules available for selected DAF models / after 2018 / Volvo, Renault / after 2018 /

The AGIS D12 controller can be integrated with the OBD system, co
gives the possibility of fully automatic calibration of the controller.
Being aware of the danger of incorrect setting of gas doses, the gas controller has been equipped with knock sensors (2 channels) and flue gas temperature sensors (2 channels).
During operation in the (oil + gas) mode, AGIS D12 reads and analyzes the signals of the knock sensors and exhaust gas temperature in order to limit or completely switch off the gas dosage in special cases (e.g. too high exhaust gas temperature).

* sequential LPG / CNG injection or gas injection into a common manifold after the turbine
* automatic entering of settings depending on the selected car type
* automatic sensor calibration
* functions of averaging data on maps
* automatic calibration and synchronization of double TPS
* automatic rewriting and averaging of double TPS
* cut off functions
* cruise control function
* TPS sensitivity
* emulation delay
* possibility of connecting an OLED console with full diagnostics
* for cars with 12 V electrical installation
* cars with 24 V installation - AGIS D24 controller

The controller with a 2x24 connector, has additional CAN BUS communication for control with an additional Diesel kit - Mechanical Pump - in a set with a stepper motor and an electronic TPS, the same additional set is intended for the D24 controller