AGIS M210 is the youngest and smallest of the ACON family of control units.
A feature of the unit is the fact that, with its compact size, the Poletron Standart injection control unit has a complete set of settings used by various manufacturers of gas equipment.
– Additional temperature correction of gas
– Gas pressure correction
– Revolution correction

AGIS NOVA PRO has the same functionality as AGIS M210, however, in addition to everything, it is possible to connect the HBO control unit to the car ECU via a high-speed data exchange bus. At the same time, HBO uses the most current data on the composition of the mixture in the process and can quickly (instantly) change it so that the mixture is in balance.
The Poletron app is very simple and intuitive. The application has built-in tips that, when you hover over the field of interest, give a brief description of the parameter. The controller has a fairly complete set of functions and copes equally well with any type of gasoline injection. The AGIS program uses an extended list of gas nozzles used for installation and configuration of the system.

AGIS M210 is installed on cars with 3 and 4 cylinders, and AGIS NOVA PRO on cars with 3-4-5-6-7-8 cylinders.
One of the advantages of AGIS controllers is a metal case made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy case protects the controller from external influences and retains it for many years of operation.
AGIS M210 / NOVA PRO today is:
A new algorithm for controlling the executive mechanisms of HBO;
Automatic map correction function / background self-recording /
Intuitive system management
Accurate oscilloscope / real-time reading, writing system operation data to a file /
Possibility to re-inject gasoline simultaneously with gas injection
Automatic and additional correction of gas temperature
Automatic and additional correction of gas pressure
Additional adjustments to the opening time of gas injectors
Oscilloscope for monitoring and recording system operation parameters
Gasoline injector cycling / gasoline continuous injection /
Compatibility with VALVETRONIC engines / only for AGIS NOVA PRO /
Works with turbocharging / with the ability to expand the scale of a 2D map and RPM /
Support for various types of gasoline injection control
Support for multiple types of gas injectors
Support for several types of gas level sensors
Gas nozzle heating function
Ability to define max. load and engine speed while working on gas
Gas installation overview function
Quick Start Feature
3 D Cards
Automatic gasoline injection type detection
Fuel Support LPG / CNG
Support RPM signal from various sources / shaft, camshaft, injector, coil, virtual /
Possibility of permanent shutdown of individual gas nozzles
The possibility of emergency engine start on gas
Fixed memory of persistent and pending errors in the LPG controller
Injector switching strategies when switching between fuel
Ability to quickly disable the LPG / CNG installation
Change History in LPG Controller
Sound signaling switching and maintenance
Gasoline in% of gas injection time
The ability to use a system with an OLED button that displays all the parameters of the HBO in real time on the button screen.
Intuitive selection of basic settings
Logic-sequential tab system allows you to activate the desired settings
Minimum steps to calibrate the system
Product designed and manufactured in Poland