Gas installations for diesel engines are systems for simultaneous supply of diesel and LPG (or CNG). In the simplest installations, the addition of LPG to the air supplied to the engine reduces the amount of diesel fuel consumed, because the driver does not have to press the accelerator pedal as much as with diesel fuel only. More advanced systems are equipped with a series of emulators, which by emulating different signals reduce the dose of diesel oil, thanks to which it is possible to replace more base fuel by half with cheaper gas.

AGIS Diesel D24 is a new controller in the AGIS group of controllers. The controller is designed for conversion of diesel fueled vehicles into a dual-fuel LPG / ON or CNG / ON-LNG / ON supply system.
The controller can operate both as a sequential gas injection controller for the intake valve as well as as a gas injection in the common intake after the turbine.
* does not require the use of voltage converters: main power supply as well as power supply via key from 24 V
* support for up to six gas injectors
* possibility of operating the digital accelerator / digital TPS: MAN, Mercedes, DAF /
* support for double analog accelerator pedal
* automatic TPS calibration
* automatic TPS synchronization
* cruise control support
* cut off of turbines and TPS
* mountain brake support
* the ability to emulate a turbine with variable geometry
* possibility of emulation for 4 sensors: turbine, accelerator pedal, common rail,
* separate gas injection maps for each emulator
* possibility of expanding the controller to 12 cylinders and servicing 24 gas injectors

The versatility and functionality of the system allows you to convert virtually any vehicle or work machine with a minimum turbine.

System components:

* AGIS D24 control unit
* reducer
* set of injectors
* map sensor
* Control Panel
* tank with multivalve
* exhaust gas temperature sensor