AGIS D24 BG controller – controller designed to convert multi-cylinder diesel engines to LPG/CNG/LNG.

The system is designed to support up to 24 gas injectors, 17 thermocouples / the ability to protect each cylinder individually against increased internal combustion temperature. cylinder/ , additionally protected by a thermocouple against high combustion temperature in the exhaust manifold.

AGIS D24 BG also has the ability to work with our peripherals such as WI FI logger and Thermoknock ECU. WI FI logger ECU is a system that supports the monitoring of the engine as a whole and each cylinder separately. The system monitors and saves every 2-3 sec. operation of the gas injection system, monitors internal combustion temperature. cylinder by writing it to ext. memory card with a capacity of 1 GB / It is possible to read the memory card on an external device, information is saved in a text file / The record shows the system operation time on gaseous fuel, system start and shutdown times, combustion temperature inside the cylinder, system errors. All these records can also be sent via WiFi to any external server you create. The WIFI logger controller thus creates its own communication network. Network and driver configuration is available in separate documentation.

Thermoknock ECU is a peripheral system designed to monitor the operation of cylinders in terms of combustion temperature and knocking combustion.

Both Wifi logger and Thermoknock controllers, with the AGIS D24 BG controller, are connected via their own CAN BUS.